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Pharrell and The New Black

No Pharrell is right black people need to stop trying to act like the victim and do something about shit. There is no such thing as white-washed, and while Trayvon Martin’s,and Jordan Davis’ cases were extreme cases of blatant racism, as black people we can’t go around saying that everything is against us. Just get out and vote, pay your taxes, go to work, and beat white people at their own game, don’t just choose not to play because you believe you’re selling out or that it’s a system designed against you. 

Being black is not a mentality, being a nigga is. 

Niggas don’t vote, niggas love to complain about shit but I bet none of them ever been to a town hall, school board meetings, or even attempted a protest to change something they are passionate about. I live in Los Angeles, most of my school was Mexican, the black parent’s were never involved, but were the only ones complaining about bad situations. Stop being the nigga white people want you to be and be the upstanding Black male or female you want to be.

(Source: odinsblog)

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